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We offer products from a combination of well-established suppliers and niche manufacturers.


Dedicated to industrial grade graphics cards and GPGPU solutions for embedded applications, Aetina was founded 2012 in Taiwan as a key subsidiary of Innodisk Corporation. Our core team has over 20 years combined experience in video cards and industrial computing. Our products target critical imaging applications with industrial grade GPU technology and industrial grade support.


Aetina offers the widest range of industrial graphics cards on the market, meeting the specific demands of medical, defense & aerospace, factory automation, outdoor signage and more. We stand out by fulfilling and exceeding the unique requirements of customers with industry specific form factors like MXM, VPX and features such as multi-displays, small form factors, fanless designs and more.


At Aetina, long-term support is our core commitment to our customers with an understanding that industrial products have much longer development cycles and are expected to stay in service longer as well. We pride ourselves on collaboration with customers through close technical support as well as strong hardware and firmware customization services throughout development. Customers gain from our industrial know-how with products that stay in service longer thanks to Aetina’s wide operating temperature technology and protective conformal coatings services.


The company is a close partner to Nvidia, working both with discrete Geforce branded GPUs and the Tegra brand of integrated SOCs. With the dedication to industrial graphics, commitment to long-term support with close technical collaboration, and key industrial know-how, let us provide the finest industrial graphics cards and service to our customers and business partners.


Our Vision


Aetina aims to not only provide better graphics solutions for mission critical applications but to enable the next generation of high performance embedded systems with total solution GPU accelerated computing.


Modern GPUs designed for intensive real-time image processing can efficiently perform massively parallel calculations that would overwhelm traditional CPUs. With GPU-enhanced computing, embedded systems can experience acceleration on orders of magnitude for signal processing, image manipulation, radar imaging, and more.


Offering GPGPU parallel computing in the unique form factors required by defense, aerospace, and industrial clients, we aim to massively enhance graphics and compute performance of embedded systems and enable new capabilities such as real time visualizations on large datasets for better results in the air, on the ground, or in the operating room. With years of experience in the relentless pursuit of innovation and our unique industrial know-how, we hope to create product lines for our customers, which offer total solution GPU-accelerated computing.


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