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Aetina IA380E-QUFL is a low-profile, single-slot, and high power-efficiency PCIe card that supports spectacular visual computing and AI inference at the edge. Featuring the Intel Arc GPU A380E embedded graphics and the cutting-edge Intel Arc GPU architecture, it delivers up to 4.096 TFLOPS of performance and efficient ray-tracing hardware. With 8 Xe-Cores and 128 Intel XMX engines, the IA380E-QUFL supercharges edge workloads with graphics and machine learning acceleration, ensuring exceptional GPU and AI performance for a wide range of applications, backed by a 5-year longevity guarantee.

Despite its Small-Form-Factor (SFF), IA380E-QUFL features native 4 Mini DisplayPort and 6GB GDDR6 support for multiple large displays and Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) resolutions. This innovative solution consumes only 50W, making it ideal for space and power-constrained edge computing environments. Whether you’re tackling image processing, machine learning, or visual inference tasks for smart cities, the IA380E-QUFL delivers the performance you need in a compact, energy-efficient package.

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