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BlackBerry QNX


Founded in 1980 and with headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, QNX is a global leader in realtime operating systems and embedded software platforms for mission critical applications, where support for functional safety and cyber security is of key importance.

Today, QNX is part of Blackberry Technology Solutions, serving global market leaders within markets such as medical, transportation, defense and communications, with the platform software they need to develop reliable and high performing solutions.

QNX software is also known as a trusted supplier of software platforms to the automotive industry for car infotainment as well as ADAS and autonomous driving.

The company has introduced many industry firsts, such as the first commercially available microkernel RTOS, the first POSIX compatible microkernel RTOS, the first RTOS to support symmetric multiprocessing, as well as the first and only RTOS with adaptive partioning. QNX also introduced the first multicore RTOS with EAL 4+ and SIL 3 certifications. The QNX Neutrino RTOS has a unique position in the market and is a full-featured, multi-core operating system with advanced security and fault containment mechanisms built directly into the OS and kernel, and flexible graphics technologies.


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