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SMARC Design Guide 2.0
Design Guide Version 1.0
SMARC Hardware Specification 2.0 Errata
SMARC Hardware Specification 2.0
Hardware Specification Version 1.1

The SMARC (”Smart Mobility ARChitecture”) is a versatile small form factor computer module definition targeting applications that require low power, low costs, and high performance. The modules will typically use ARM SOCs similar or the same as those used in many familiar devices such as tablet computers and smart phones. Alternative low power SOCs and CPUs, such as tablet oriented X86 devices and other RISC CPUs may be used as well.

Two Module sizes are defined: 82mm x 50mm and 82mm x 80mm (long or short module). The Module PCBs have 314 edge fingers that mate with a low profile MXM III 314 pin 0.5mm pitch right angle connector.​

The core CPU and support circuits, including DRAM, boot flash, power sequencing, CPU power supplies, Gb E and a single channel LVDS display transmitter are concentrated on the Module. The Modules are used with application specific carrier boards that implement other features, such as audio CODECs, touch controllers, wireless devices, etc. The SMARC standard is managed by SGET and carrierboard designguides and full specifications are free to download.

Whitepaper SMARC 2.0
Device development with SMARC 2.0
Pros and Cons Computer On Modules

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