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We offer products from a combination of well-established suppliers and niche manufacturers.


Leading technology - Leading products - Leading suppliers. We supply products from a combination of well-established suppliers and niche manufacturers, in areas such as Computer-On-Modules, Box Computers, Industrial Flash Storage and Networking. In common for our partners is the strategy to design products for the requirements of the industrial market, and basing them on components from the embedded roadmaps of technology leaders such as Intel, AMD and NXP. Together with our services, we customize and integrate third-party products into complete, customer specific products Our promise is that we can deliver solutions faster, with higher quality and more cost-efficient than what is possible to find elsewhere in the market.


In order to deliver world class products and solutions we've got strategic partnerships with some of the best suppliers of different tech fields. Contact us and we'll help find exactly what you need!

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Open standards have become increasingly important for embedded boards and modules. When a larger community of manufacturers support a joint specification, developers can choose suitable buildingblocks confident that future roadmaps are secure and second source options are possible. Such standards have become especially important in the Computer-on-Modules market.