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COM Express

COM Express

– COM Express Carrier Design Guide 2.0
– https://www.picmg.org/openstandards/com-express/

The COM Express® specification defines a family of Small Form Factor (SFF) and Computer-On-Module (COM) embedded computer modules appropriate for a wide range of commercial and mil/aero applications. It is designed for the latest chip sets and serial signaling protocols, including PCI Express Gen 3, 10 Gb Ethernet, SATA, USB 3.0, and high resolution video interfaces. A Computer-on-Module is a super component with the core functions of a motherboard integrated on a single module. The standard, which defines several pinouts or types, has been widely adopted since its inception 2005 and is the dominating COM standard for high performance x86 CPUs. The current modules types recommended for new designs are type 6, type 7 and type 10. It is managed by PICMG and the carrierboard designguide is free to download whereas the full module specification must be purchased from PICMG.​

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