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COM-HPC is a new Computer-on-Module standard soon to be released by PICMG (during Q1 2021), targeting High Performance Computing for edge and embedded applications.

It will not replace the well-established COM Express standard from PICMG, but will rather complement COM Express, extending COMs as a concept to datacenter and high end workstation technology. As new CPUs and chipsets are evolving with higher speed interfaces, such as PCIe 5.0, 25GbE and USB 4 as well as support for higher memory densities there was a need for a new module standard including new board-to-board connectors that are specified for higher speeds and with higher pincount.

The new standard is already widely supported by 25 members of PICMG, incl. Congatec, Kontron, Intel, Adlink, Samtech, TE Connectivity and Advantech and the subcommittee is chaired by Congatec’s director of marketing Christian Eder, Computer-on-Module pioneer and industry veteran.

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