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We assemble and install as well as test and label the ordered products according to our customers requirements.
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In our ESD-protected lab, we also have production areas where we configure complete computer systems or subsystems on behalf of our customers. Everything from mounting memory, storage devices and plug-in cards on motherboards or in Box and Panel PCs, customize BIOS and OS installation, to complete construction of industrial rack computers and fully customized systems.


Installation and copying of Windows or customer-specific Linux images is a common additional service, as well as pre-programming of customer-specific BIOS or bootloader / Uboot versions. We also provide services to produce customized OS images or BIOS / Uboot versions to the customer’s requirements and can also assist with customization and development of BSPs and drivers. We also install other software on customer specification when desired and required. For larger series production, we can automate the process by duplicating based on a tested and approved Master.


For some projects, it simplifies for installation staff (internal and external) that the products are marked/labeled according to given instructions. Can be anything from unique product or serial numbers to mark which I / O ports are to be used when connecting external devices.


Functional tests and burn-in tests are performed to varying degrees at all our manufacturers. But no one can guarantee 100% error-free, especially for long-distance transport of complex systems. In addition to the fact that we regularly perform our own stock sample checks, we can offer project-adapted burn-in and / or function tests as an extra step with us to ensure that the error rate in the field is minimized.