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Swedish listed technology solution group
Addtech is a Swedish listed technology solution group. The business consists of 140 independent Group companies that sell high-tech products and solutions to customers, primarily in the manufacturing industry and infrastructure – with a focus on long-term sustainable growth.

Addtechs DNA
Addtech is a completely decentralized organization with a unique culture based on a willingness to take responsibility. We believe that the wisest decisions are made close to the customer and that freedom under responsibility is the best way to run our business. Entrepreneurship and small scale are other important parts of our DNA. We combine the small company’s flexibility, personality and efficiency with the large company’s resources, network and long-term perspective.

Addtech 20 years
20 years ago, Addtech consisted of 50 companies and even then there was the ability to combine the small company’s efficiency, flexibility and personality, with the large group’s financial strength, long-term perspective and network. Today, we consist of 140 entrepreneur-driven group companies, 3,000 employees and a strong common corporate culture.

This is how we create sustainable growth
Addtech’s success is based on our companies being free to run and develop their operational activities as long as they deliver on our Group-wide goals. By continuously acquiring new businesses and creating optimal conditions for the companies’ profitability and growth by adding resources, knowledge exchange and active ownership, we ensure sustainable growth over time.

Sustainability for Addtech
Sustainability is an integral part of our business. Our companies contribute every day by helping their customers find optimal technical solutions that contribute to more sustainable development. By continuously developing and strengthening our work in sustainability, we create value for our customers, suppliers, owners and society at large. Participating in and contributing to the development of a more sustainable society is an important part of our strategy and creates great business opportunities for our companies.

Addtech acquired Tritech Solutions in August, 2021.