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Regardless of whether it is a matter of simplifying the customer’s logistics with e.g. loading software on a standard product, or taking overall responsibility for developing, delivering and maintaining a customized system, e.g. based on a customer-specific carrier for a Computer-on-Module, we can meet at the level that suits the customer and the project.

​With the help of our standard products from our partners and our value-added services, we can offer systems or subsystems that form the basic platform in many customer products. Our offer is primarily hardware, but we can also contribute with adaptation and development of BSPs (Board Support Packages) and finished operating system image, so that the customer can focus on developing application software and customer-unique IP when it comes to hardware.

​Typical examples of solutions can be:


Tritech Solutions has a wide range of products to suit applications in the areas of datacom, telecom and IT security, especially as software-defined networking technology becomes increasingly important. It is becoming increasingly common for products such as advanced firewalls, routers and edge servers to be based on standard hardware. From our partners there are complete system platforms that are ready-made hardware solutions for advanced network products, where the customer can devote their development time entirely to software. There are also advanced processor modules in standards such as COM-HPC and COM Express type 7, with high-performance server processors, which can form the central computing platform in a completely customer-specific product, without development time needing to be spent on costly and time-consuming development of processor cards.


Buses, construction machinery and trains are examples of areas of use where the need for powerful computer platforms is increasing sharply. There are more and more applications that require connected and intelligent systems, both factory-installed and “retrofit”. From Tritech Solutions, there is a broad portfolio of products suitable for the transport segment, from complete, application-adapted and certified systems to subsystems and components, such as processor modules and flash disks, which have properties suitable for vehicle applications and the tough environmental requirements that installations in vehicles entail. Open standards such as COM Express, SMARC and QSeven make it possible to develop robust and environmentally resistant systems, which reduce the need for internal cabling and which can be maintained and upgraded over a long period of time.


Military products are often characterized by long product life cycles, production volumes that are uneven and project-driven, and also tough environmental requirements. Standard products such as computer boards and computer modules or ready-made systems, which can be adapted or are developed for military requirements, therefore often fit well as part of system solutions in the defense industry’s products. Often a combination of proprietary hardware and a standard platform can be an optimal solution, especially if computer modules and computer boards or I/O cards are based on standards that live longer, and longer than the processors and chipsets used which often have a shorter life cycle than the number of years the customer has a commitment to its clients. Thanks to Tritech Solutions’ comprehensive program of partner products, we can almost always offer a suitable product or a complete solution if the customer prefers to outsource the entire hardware platform.

RnD Electronics Lab


Measurement and analysis instruments for various industries and applications heavily use embedded computing power in the form of x86 and or powerful ARM processors for computing power and to be able to run an operating system with a GUI. Touch displays, often with PCAP technology, are now common for managing the graphical user interface. Tritech Solutions’ product portfolio of computer cards, computer-on-modules, touch and display products and industrial SSDs, together with the customer’s own application-specific hardware, often provides a good way to find a balance between customer-unique IP and off-the-shelf technology, to able to focus application development and domain knowledge.

Medical instruments


With an established reputation for reliable and safe products, we deliver medical-grade hardware and software solutions that are directly tailored to the critical challenges found in operating rooms, intensive care units, emergency and recovery rooms. Our medical grade panel computers, tablets, surgical monitors and other healthcare products are designed for maximum hygiene combined with operational reliability. Our medical-grade panel PCs are among the safest on the market and always meet the latest certification requirements for medical equipment.


For building automation applications, we supply HMI panels, with capacitive or resistive touch screen technology, for monitoring and controlling the property’s control system. The operating systems Windows, Android or Linux can be pre-installed and configured according to the customer’s specification with focus on easy handling and quick commissioning. Strong focus on energy-saving functions and that they are equipped with extremely energy-efficient processors. We also deliver completely object-oriented Linux operating systems that are developed from the ground up. This way, it can be ensured that only current functions are active and the handling is further simplified for maintenance personnel.


The use of various types of information displays, often interactive, as well as self-service kiosks, booking systems and other similar solutions has increased greatly. With both ready-made panel PCs for installation, box computers, open-frame monitors as well as components such as singel board computers and displays, Tritech Solutions can offer comprehensive solutions in terms of hardware and building blocks for customers who develop their own hardware. When the products are to be used in more demanding applications that require features such as extended temperature range, fanless 24/7 operation, long product life cycle and various costly certifications, industrial hardware with embedded-class components is usually preferred.


Within the energy sector, rapid technological development is taking place where electrification, smarter electricity grids and energy optimization means that built-in computing power and distributed I/O systems are increasingly needed to manage the combination of new applications and existing infrastructure and systems. As systems become connected, the demands for cyber security also increase. With industrial box computers, gateways and panel PCs, we can often offer ready-made system platforms, designed for the energy and automation markets, enabling customers to concentrate on application software, but embedding technology such as Computer-On-Modules together with customer-specific carrier boards is also a common way to solve the need to develop own application-adapted system solutions.