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Whether you are looking for building blocks to design your own hardware or a ready-made platform for your application, we have products suitable for applications with high performance requirements. We can also help you with development services in both hardware and software, as well as project management and industrialization.

Tritech Solutions has been part of the Addtech Group since August 2021, which is a Swedish listed technology solution group with annual sales of SEK 11.3 billion. The business consists of more than 140 independent companies that sell high-tech products and solutions to customers, primarily in the manufacturing industry and infrastructure in about 20 countries.

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2013 The company is founded by Patrik Björklund, Jörgen Carlsson and Tritech Technology
2013-2014 Contracts with key suppliers such as Congatec, Innodisk and Aaeon
2014  The first significant solution deal is signed
2017 Branch is started in Finland
2018 Net profit for the first time over 10%
2019 Insourcing of technology development and logistics
2019 Partner agreement with QNX
2020 The number of customers over SEK 1 million increases from 7 to 16
2021  The company is named Super Company by D&B
2021  Addtech acquires Tritech Solutions
2022 Continuous and profitable growth since 2015
Tritech Solutions Utveckling 2013-2020 and Tritech Solutions Grundare


Swedish listed technology solution group
Addtech is a Swedish listed technology solution group. The business consists of 140 independent Group companies that sell high-tech products and solutions to customers, primarily in the manufacturing industry and infrastructure – with a focus on long-term sustainable growth.

Addtechs DNA
Addtech is a completely decentralized organization with a unique culture based on a willingness to take responsibility. We believe that the wisest decisions are made close to the customer and that freedom under responsibility is the best way to run our business. Entrepreneurship and small scale are other important parts of our DNA. We combine the small company’s flexibility, personality and efficiency with the large company’s resources, network and long-term perspective.

Addtech 20 years
20 years ago, Addtech consisted of 50 companies and even then there was the ability to combine the small company’s efficiency, flexibility and personality, with the large group’s financial strength, long-term perspective and network. Today, we consist of 140 entrepreneur-driven group companies, 3,000 employees and a strong common corporate culture.

This is how we create sustainable growth
Addtech’s success is based on our companies being free to run and develop their operational activities as long as they deliver on our Group-wide goals. By continuously acquiring new businesses and creating optimal conditions for the companies’ profitability and growth by adding resources, knowledge exchange and active ownership, we ensure sustainable growth over time.

Sustainability for Addtech
Sustainability is an integral part of our business. Our companies contribute every day by helping their customers find optimal technical solutions that contribute to more sustainable development. By continuously developing and strengthening our work in sustainability, we create value for our customers, suppliers, owners and society at large. Participating in and contributing to the development of a more sustainable society is an important part of our strategy and creates great business opportunities for our companies.

Addtech acquired Tritech Solutions in August, 2021.


Tritech shall deliver the right results at the right time and at the right cost in a way that meets our customers’ expectations. To read more see PDF.

Tritech is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. We are also a certified supplier of products and services in accordance with Achilles Power & Tech for e.g. communication solutions and storage products. Furthermore, we naturally follow applicable laws and related directives. See certifications in PDF:

We ensure that we do not work with minerals of Gold (Au), Tantalum (Ta), Tungsten (W), Tin (Sn) that are mined in conflict areas. This statement is based on information provided by our subcontractors. To read more see PDF.

Tritech shall conduct its business in such a way that wear and tear on the environment and natural resources is minimized. To read more see PDF.


Our business is based on respect for employees and business partners as well as the outside world and the environment
The work with issues relating to the environment, ethics and quality forms an integral part of the Group companies’ strategic and operational activities. Addtech’s goal is to create added value for its stakeholders and build relationships based on respect, responsibility and high quality. Addtech works together with its business partners to bring about positive change and encourage them to follow our code of conduct.

Addtech’s codes of conduct
Code of conduct (Swedish) Opens in a new window
Code of conduct for suppliers (Swedish) Opens in a new window​

Sustainability policy
Sustainability Policy (English) Opens in a new window
Gender Equality and Diversity Policy (English) Opens in a new window