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PLANET Networking & Communication

Founded in 1993, PLANET Technology Corporation is a leading global provider of IP-based networking products and solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and network infrastructures of IoT, IIoT and IoV applications. PLANET Technology has been focusing on the R&D of the transmission-based network and communications solutions since its establishment in 1993. At the release of its slogan “Shaping Future Networking”, PLANET demonstrates its determination to shape the future of networking by continuously providing innovative network solutions to seamlessly connect the IoT, IIoT, and IoV devices.

PLANETs commitment to top quality, product and service differentiation, and innovations has proved our excellence in quality management. To ensure our offering of cutting-edge products and superior services, PLANET has received ISO 9001 certification. Honored by world professionals and business media and organizations, PLANET’s product portfolio has been awarded with recognition of reliability and excellent performance. Meanwhile, PLANET has built several successful reference sites through its professional distribution channels worldwide to further enhance global brand awareness and positioning.

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