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Powering the Digital Transformation with EtherCAT

PLANET IECJ-410FT is an industrial EtherCAT junction slave equipped with the EtherCAT protocol for today’s distributed industrial applications. The IECJ-410FT’s 3 RJ45 ports can be used in an EtherCAT Terminal segment at any desired position between the EtherCAT Terminals and it enables the configuration of the EtherCAT star topology. The IECJ-410FT has one SFP port that could serve as a media converter from copper to optical fiber to connect with PLANET IECC-210R Industrial EtherCAT Media Converter for distance extension. The A modular EtherCAT star hub can be realized by using several IECJ-410FT units in a station. Its compact size and DIN-rail mounting make installation in a cabinet easy. Pluggable terminal blocks and LED indicator help users to maintain and set up their system.

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