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Tritech and BlackBerry QNX sign distribution agreement

15, August 2018 – Tritech Solutions, part of Tritech Technology group, announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement with BlackBerry QNX. Under the terms of the agreement, Tritech will provide the safety-certified and secure BlackBerry QNX platform and professional services for transportation and general embedded applications across Sweden and Finland.

Tritech’s joins BlackBerry QNX’s growing list of value added integration partners. Through this partnership Tritech will offer off-the-shelf hardware and software building blocks that enable OEMs to optimize their development efforts and shorten their time-to-market, often with the support of Tritech’s engineering teams, providing hardware, software as well as test and verification services.

BlackBerry QNX is a global leader in safety-certified, secure and reliable real-time operating systems for mission-critical applications and products where functional safety and cybersecurity are vital requirements. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, BlackBerry QNX has provided the foundational software for many of the world’s most mission-critical and safety-critical systems for the past 37 years. Its software can be found in hundreds of millions of applications across industries including automotive, medical, industrial, consumer, defense and aerospace, and networking.

Tritech has been supporting OEMs in the Nordic region for more than 25 years, by designing and delivering embedded and connected systems with demanding requirements for reliability and availability. The company has been enabling customer solutions across industries from transportation, defense and medical to industrial automation and energy. Today the company offers standard products, turnkey solutions and design services targeting a wide range of industry verticals, with a focus on intelligent systems and industrial IoT applications.

Patrik Björklund, director of sales at Tritech Solutions, comments:
“These are interesting times in our industry, with intelligent and connected systems being pervasive, and edge AI applications driving a new breed of embedded devices. Many industries are looking at autonomous systems and issues like high reliability, functional safety and cybersecurity are increasingly important. BlackBerry QNX is perfectly positioned to help customers to overcome these challenges, and we look forward to collaborating with BlackBerry QNX and our customers to build great products.”

Kaivan Karimi, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at BlackBerry Technology Solutions (BTS), comments:
“As diverse industries, from high-speed rail to large scale manufacturing, become increasingly hyperconnected, the importance of building these systems on a safety-certified and secure software foundation increases significantly. We look forward to forging a strong partnership with Tritech to help organizations across transportation, medical and industrial automation to develop safer, more secure systems.”

Click here for the pressrelease as a PDF

For more information contact:
Tritech Solutions AB
Patrik Björklund
Director of sales
+46 733 35 20 29

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