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Jarmo Eskelinen as new Regional Sales Manager

Jörgen Carlsson (CEO, Tritech Solutions), Jarmo Eskelinen (Regional Sales Manager, Finland) Patrik Björklund (Director of Sales, Tritech Solutions)

Jarmo Eskelinen is 55 and lives in Helsinki with his wife, their son and their dog. He brings with him 13 years as partner at Fintronic, working as Product Line Manager as well as Key Account Manager for Finland, the Baltic countries and to some extent Russia. He is the new Regional Sales Manager of Tritech Solutions Finland division.

The knowledge and network base of the Baltic countries is one interesting area where he’ll be complementing the Solutions team.

– We see great potential in both the Finnish and Baltic markets, that Jarmo will be supporting from our Helsinki office says Jörgen Carlsson CEO at Tritech Solutions. Jarmo’s long experience of these markets will be invaluable for Tritech and our partners.

Jarmo started working in the industry when it was booming in 2000. Nokia and other local IT-companies were doing well and sales was through the roof.

– Then came a long Finnish recession and it’s been a rocky road with ups and downs for quite a number of years since then, says Jarmo. This was during a time when a lot of companies used external manufacturers from Asia due partly to lower labour cost, which is becoming less important now with the level of automation in the electronics production today.

Now the market has stabilised and Finland is reaching levels of growth that hasn’t been seen since 2008 and the electronics industry in Finland is booming again. Jarmo doesn’t see too many challenges with making headway for Tritech in the Finnish market, other than getting familiar with the line card and all the products that Jarmo will be representing..

– I’m already familiar with the bigger companies like Congatec, but of course there are some more niche suppliers that I want to learn more about. Not only about the products they offer but how their offers fit with our customer base and their needs. Other than that I’m just grateful to be part of Tritech in such an exciting time in the Finnish tech market.

Tritech Solutions
26th of April, 2018
Sundbyberg, Sweden

If you have any questions about this article please contact:

Patrik Björklund
Sales Director, Tritech Solutions
+46 733 35 20 29


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