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Tritech at Embedded Conference Finland

“Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Autonomous Systems. Soon it will be everywhere. Making your devices smarter. Making your life easier. Making your IoT system meaningful.” This is how Embedded Conference describes the 2018 fair and of course Tritech is where IoT and front edge technology is.

Come see us at Embedded Conference Finland. I and my Finnish colleagues Jari Laurinen and Jarmo Eskelinen will be showing products from partners like Congatec, Aaeon, Innodisk and Aetina. We’re also having a presentation on “Intelligence at the edge”, focusing on high performance embedded computing solutions for fog and edge applications. See you there!

/ Patrik Björklund
Director of Sales at Tritech

Tritech offers standard products, design and support services, as well as custom solutions to the embedded and industrial IoT-markets. Partnering with leading technology companies, we deliver intelligent and connected systems that enable our customers’ applications. We turn technology into business. Read more on Tritech’s products.


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