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M.2 (P80) 4IG2-P

Innodisk M.2 (P80) 4IG2-P is iSLC series which is designed to outdo the endurance, performance and reliability of 3D TLC-based solutions. Through the use of flash management algorithms, iSLC improves SSD endurance up to 30,000 times. In addition, iSLC improves the performance of solid state drives, with similar write performance of SLC-based solutions.

M.2 (P80) 4IG2-P supports PCIe Gen. 4×4, and it is compliant with NVMe 1.4 providing excellent performance. M.2 (P80) 4IG2-P with heat-spreading design dissipate heat generating from IC making SSD perform more steady. M.2 (P80) 4IG2-P have Die RAID protection to reduce bad blocks happening and optimize data integrity.

Innodisk M.2 (P80) 4IG2-P provides ultra-speed and high IOPS and offers maximum capacity up to 1.28TB, making the SSD optimal for server and heavy data workload applications.




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