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Jasper is a COM Express carrier board and SBC for Type 6 Basic (125x95mm) and Compact (95x95mm) modules. It is designed for applications that require ruggedness, a high level of I/O, or extended product lifetime. Notable features of Jasper include:

  • Rugged mechanical design with thicker PCB and latching connectors
  • Wide temperature operation – up to -40 to +85C (depending on the installed COM)
  • Built-in 16-bit data acquisition circuit with autocalibration
  • Dual minicard sockets with PCIe and USB interfaces
  • Dual M.2 sockets for flash memory and network connectivity
  • PCIe/104 expansion socket supporting x16 and x1 links

Jasper is available as a carrier board alone, for user integration with a COM of your choice, or as a ready to run “single-board computer” with an 11th generation Intel Xeon processor COM installed. Both Windows and Linux OS support are standard, while other OS support is available upon request.

The most popular I/O on Jasper is provided on a single row of connectors along the front edge of the PCB. This arrangement supports dual connection modes. First Jasper can be used with traditional cables, with each cable providing a positive locking feature for increased shock and vibration resistance. Secondly the single row of connectors makes it easy to design and build I/O connector boards that match the end application’s exact requirements. For example a connector board with commercial connectors (RJ-45, USB type A, etc.) or MIL-DTL-38999 rugged circuit connectors can be plugged directly into the Jasper I/O connectors to create a “cable-free” solution. Such a connector board can dramatically reduce assembly time and cost for the end system.

A product by Diamond Systems




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