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Introducing the conga-HPC/3.5-Mini, a pinnacle of innovation from congatec, your trusted partner in embedded computing technology. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern embedded systems, this accessory is set to revolutionize your COM Express Type 7 and SMARC 2.0 modules with unmatched connectivity and performance.

At congatec, we understand the critical importance of robust and reliable solutions. The conga-HPC/3.5-Mini delivers just that with support for high-speed PCIe Gen 4 and versatile networking capabilities, including 10Gb Ethernet. This ensures your systems are not only current but also future-proof, ready to tackle the most demanding applications head-on.

Despite its compact size of just 160 x 120 mm, the conga-HPC/3.5-Mini does not compromise on power or efficiency. It’s specifically engineered for space-constrained environments, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from industrial automation to advanced IoT deployments.

Built to excel in the harshest conditions, the conga-HPC/3.5-Mini boasts an extended temperature range and a robust construction, guaranteeing reliable performance where it matters most. This makes it a perfect fit for industrial, IoT, and edge computing applications.

By choosing conga-HPC/3.5-Mini, you are investing in a future of seamless connectivity and superior performance. Let congatec propel your projects to new heights with this versatile and high-performance accessory. Embrace the future with conga-HPC/3.5-Mini and experience the unparalleled reliability and innovation that only congatec can deliver.

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