AI Core XM 2280


The AI Core XM2280 is a compact m.2 AI module powered by Intel Movidius Myriad X. It features two Myriad X VPUs, which together are capable of up to 200 fps (160 fps typical) and over 2 trillion floating point operations per second as a dedicated neural network accelerator. The AI Core XM2280 is compatible with Intel’s OpenVINO tool kit and supports Tensorflow and Caffe frameworks.

The Myriad X is built to have high performance with low power consumption. Together with the AI Core XM2280’s compact m.2 22x80mm size, the AI Core XM2280 is perfect for applications that are mobile or rely on battery power, such as drones or remote camera sensors.

The AI Core XM2280 is part of AAEON’s package of AI solutions, and can be readily used with UP maker boards such as the Up Extreme, or with a wide range of embedded boards and systems in the AAEON catalogue.



  • Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU
  • 2x MYDX on M.2 2280 B+M key
  • Intel® Vision Accelerator Design SW SDK
  • Supported Framework: TensorFlow, Caffe, MXNET
  • Ubuntu 16.04, Windows® 10




A Product by AAEON

AI Core XM 2280


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