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We offer products from a combination of well-established suppliers and niche manufacturers.

Innodisk’s innovative iSLC and OSR technologies explained.

The cost of single level cell (SLC) NAND technology is often prohibitive for many projects, while modern 3D TLC NAND may be insufficient for some demanding project requirements for wear-out and performance. Innodisk’s iSLC technology utilizes special firmware that allows 3D TLC NAND to mimic the features of SLC NAND, striking a balance between cost and performance.

Download the white paper to learn more!

Inno OSR is a new SSD family from Innodisk that enables the customer to implement on-site recovery via a click of a button or autonomous recovery, without an internet connection. This is made possible by patented Innnodisk firmware technology. Find out more about on-site recovery as well as out-of-band, remote management recovery on this link.


For samples, pricing and additional technical information, please contact:

Finland: Jarmo Eskelinen, regional sales manager,, +358 408297660

Sweden, Denmark, Norway: Patrik Björklund, sales director,, +46 733352029


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