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An innovative secure 4-port RS-422/485 to 1 port LAN secure device server, with TCP/IP and versatile operation modes: VirtualCom, Serial Tunnel, TCP Server, TCP Client, and UDP. In addition, the Windows untility, DS-Tool, could configure multiple devices and set up the mappings ofVirtual Com easily. The features of NAT Router Pass Through, DDNS, and PPPoE make it more convenient for administrators to configure ORing’s device serversthrough NAT router from different IP domains or Internet via modem remotely. On the other hand, TDS-5041-I-M12 can simultaneously transfer data up to 5redundant host PCs to aovid Ethernet connection breakdown or any host PC fails. Further, TDS-5041-I-M12 features HTTPS, SSH, and SSL encryption to assurethe security of critical data transmission.

TDS-5041-I-M12 supports 4xRS-422/485 interfaces on 5-pin M12 A-coding connectors and provides one wide range power input, 12~48 VDC, on a5-pin M12 connector. With wide operating temperature, -40~70°C, TDS-5041-I-M12 could operate in the harsh industrial environment. Therefore, TDS-5041-I-M12 is the best solution to the high demand of secure serial to Ethernet critical data communication for rolling stock application.





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