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The smallest form factor powered by the AMD RYZEN™ V2000 embedded Processor family available, the PICO-V2K4 has a foundation of high-performance AMD Radeon™ graphics and 7nm processing technology. This CPU is integrated into a compact (3.94″ x 2.84″) board containing incredibly rich I/O features and expansion options, while also maintaining the power efficiency that AAEON’s PICO-ITX board range is renowned for.

The PICO-V2K4’s synthesis of unprecedented high-speed computing power, groundbreaking graphic capability and targeted I/O supply the optical supremacy needed for edge applications such as medical imaging, industrial automation, and embedded gaming.

As part of its rich expansion options, the PICO-V2K4’s M.2 2280 M-key allows applications to operate faster and enable greater system memory. With up to 32GB of LPDDR4x on board memory, the PICO-V2K4 can hit clock speeds of up to 3733 MHz while maintaining a low operating voltage.

4K Resolution Graphics for Enhanced Medical Imaging

A dual LAN chip, 4 display ports, and on-board TPM make the PICO-V2K4’s mechanism perfect for medical imaging applications.

With the PICO-V2K4’s chipset featuring AMD Radeon Graphics, with up to 7 Compute Units, along with its edge AI inferencing capabilities, users have the potential to utilize AI in diagnostic imaging through object detection for x-rays and MRI scans.

In addition to this, its superior computing power can enhance the performance of remote medical diagnostic applications, allowing for safe and efficient treatment in the time of COVID-19.

High-Powered Computing to Increase Efficiency with Automated Industrial Applications

The PICO-V2K4 provides users with an unprecedented CPU performance through the AMD RYZEN V2718 or V2516 processor, featuring up to 8 cores, while maintaining a thermal design point range of 10~25W.

Add to this the PICO-V2K4’s 4 serial ports (RS232/422/485), up to 64GB NVMe storage, and an M.2 2280 M key port and it is easy to see its potential in automated manufacturing applications requiring power, sophistication, and expansion options for accessory modules.

AMD Radeon Graphics & Illuminating Display Features for Embedded Gaming

Facilitating ultra-high frame rates, faster frequency and clocking, and support for 4 simultaneous 4K displays, the PICO-V2K4’s graphic power makes for an unparalleled gaming experience.

The PICO-V2K4’s 64GB NVMe storage and M.2 2280 M-key expansion slot provides greater processing speed. Its M.2 2280 expansion slot can also be used as high speed back up storage, which is ideal for improving the gaming experience.




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