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PLANET LCG-300-NR is an industrial-grade 5G NR Cellular LoRaWAN Gateway with reliable connectivity for IoT deployments. It is able to provide ultra-fast broadband access with 5G cellular network.

The LCG-300-NR also features five Ethernet ports (4 LANs and 1 WAN), serial port (RS-485), and DI and DO interfaces designed in a compact yet rugged metal case. It establishes a fast 5G NR cellular connection between the Ethernet equipped devices. The LCG-300-NR is an integrated 5G NR and LoRaWAN solution for System Integrators, ISPs and Enterprises.

The LCG-300-NR LoRa wireless allows sensors to transmit data over extremely long ranges with low power consumption, and is  fully compatible with LoRaWAN protocol and supports connection with up to 300 end-nodes. It also provides pre-configured standard LoRaWAN frequency bands for different countries. PLANET LCG-300-NR is the best choice to help you to promote the implementation of AIoT network.




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