WMP-22 series


The latest series of 21,5” fanless medical panel-pc’s from Wincomm, WMP-22 – series, is now available in a huge number of variations. The PC can now be obtained as fully battery powered, (WMP-22G), with 3 hot-swapable batteries, each with an energy content of 81Wh, enough to keep the PC working for at least 8 hours, (depending on workload). The WMP-22G comes as standard with an Intel i5-7200U but can also be delivered with i7-7500U. There are also a lite version of this battery powered panel-pc called WMP-22G – Lite which lack some features and comes with an Intel Celeron 3955U CPU and where the batteries is an option. If battery power are not required, there are also the WMP-22C, which is mains-operated with battery backup as an option. This backup is for use during a short time approx. 20-25min. All the models comes with full HD, 1920x1080 LED panels and multi-touch multifunction touchscreens. The plastic housing is made of an antibacterial treated (MSRA) material. When developing the product, great emphasis has been placed on avoiding cavities, as well as designing round, soft and easy to wipe of surfaces to prevent bacterial growth. Network, USB, and communication ports are available with insulation up to 4KV. Other options include expansion for PCI / PCIe, WLAN, Bluetooth, webcam, smart card reader, TPM.

All products are certified according to EN 60601-1 and UL 60601-1 4th edition.


The 21,5” WMP-22C with the Intel Skylake i5-6200U, (passmark 4411), performance ranks among the medical grade panel PC best in its panel size category. (Wincomm actual test results, versus industry passmark, average of 3985). In addition, Wincomm WMP series products are designed with a PCI-E [x16/x4] expansion slot.



  • 21,5" FHD 1920x1080 True 8-bit MVA LED panel
  • P-CAP multi-touch with 10 fingers
  • Medical UL60601-1 4th edition certification EN60601-1 4th certification
  • Anti-bacteria (MRSA) plastic housing
  • Friendly design of front function hot-keys
  • Support Intel Vpro technology by CPU
  • Optional: PCI-E/PCI expansion slot
  • Optional: 4KV LAN/COM/USB isolated I/O
  • Optional: built-in battery pack
  • Optional: Charger station for simultaneous fast charging of 3 batteries
  • Optional: Spare batteries






A product by Winncom

WMP-22 series


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