The QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment is a proven, full-featured software stack designed to help automotive manufacturers build graphically-rich, connected infotainment systems that incorporate leading automotive technologies.


With the QNX OS providing a secure, reliable foundation, the platform incorporates a collection of QNX middleware technology to handle media, web browsing, speech integration, smartphone connectivity, over-the-air (OTA) software updates, Bluetooth and acoustics processing for hands-free calls. Best of breed third-party apps and third-party offerings for navigation, voice recognition and natural language understanding (NLU) round out the features. The platform is supported on all major automotive-grade hardware and is built with a modular and extensible architecture. This modularity facilitates any customizations required for adding new features and substituting third-party technologies to satisfy geographical preferences.


Whether building entry, mid-level or high-end infotainment systems, the QNX CAR Platform saves development effort, reducing time-to-market from years to months.


  • Accelerate development cycle with a reliable, secure and connected platform
  • Ease customization using adaptable frameworks for easy enhancements and substitutions of third-party technology
  • Plug into an extensive ecosystem including support for all leading automotive-grade hardware platforms
  • Reduce production risks by deploying field proven technology
  • Take advantage of flexible deployment options – adopt QNX CAR Platform technology wholesale or piecemeal


A product by BlackBerry QNX

QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment


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