QNX acoustics middleware products and tools are designed to improve voice and sound quality for embedded systems. Field-proven and deployed on a wide range of hardware platforms and operating systems, QNX acoustics technology provides reliable, high quality user experiences for challenging automotive environments.


QNX Acoustics Management Platform

The QNX® Acoustics Management Platform (AMP) is a breakthrough in automotive software. For the first time, automakers can design and manage the total sonic experience in their cars with software that runs on a wide range of automotive application processors - saving costs and shortening time to production, while delivering new features and high sound quality.


QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control

QNX® Acoustics for Active Noise Control is a software solution used to dramatically reduce unwanted engine harmonic noise inside the cabin of a vehicle. The high performance, flexible library integrates with existing vehicle hardware eliminating the need and costs associated with dedicated hardware controller modules.


QNX Acoustics for Voice

QNX® Acoustics for Voice is a complete signal processing software solution for automotive voice communications. It is a modular set of field-proven algorithms, based on acoustics technology that is production-proven in tens of millions of vehicles. Dedicated to meeting the specific acoustic challenges of the automotive environment, QNX Acoustics for Voice sets a new benchmark in hands-free quality and has support for the rigorous new requirements of smartphone connectivity.


QNX Acoustics for Engine Sound Enhancement

QNX® Acoustics for Engine Sound Enhancement is a comprehensive software solution that enables the design of rich and engaging engine sound experiences that can be deployed for realtime playback in infotainment systems. The product offers greater configurability at a lower cost, compared with conventional systems that physically alter the drivetrain, and includes an intuitive desktop tool for creating and auditioning sound profiles. QNX Acoustics for Engine Sound Enhancement easily integrates with other QNX acoustic technologies and allows automakers to shape their vehicle soundscape and differentiate their brand.


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QNX Acoustics


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